Axis Deer Hunting Texas

The axis deer is one of the most beautiful species of deer, but sadly, its introduction to Texas has proven disastrous to the native whitetail. This has opened doors for hunting enthusiasts and has become one of the most valued hunting trophies of all exotic deer species. If you’re on the lookout for a thrilling axis deer hunting experience in Texas, this is the place to be!

The Axis Deer

Also known as “Chital,” the axis deer originally came from India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The name came from the Hindustani language, which means “spotted.” The species was brought from Asia to a Texas game ranch in 1932 and has since multiplied their population rapidly.

Axis deer become popular in hunting because of many reasons. They’re one of the most sought-after trophies because of their innate beauty, flexible breeding cycle, and their preference to the flatlands, making them easy to hunt. Our ranch boasts some of the biggest axis deer you can find, and with the best tasting meat among all deer species, this will be the hunt of a lifetime.

Axis Deer Hunts in Texas

In the middle of Texas Hill Country, is an ideal place for axis deer hunting. It is home to more than 30,000 axis deer and some of the biggest bucks weighing up to 175-250 lbs. It has varying terrains that make hunting more exciting and challenging. From rocky hills to cedar thickets and open plains, the ranch spans over 2,000 acres filled with axis deer.

The best time to hunt for axis deer is during the summer, but since these animals can breed throughout the year, hunting opportunities are also year-round. You can also use several methods of hunting the axis deer. Whether spot and stalk, safari style, or with a feeder and blind, the choice is up to you.

Free Range Axis Deer Hunting

Free-range axis deer hunting is more exhilarating when done in a sprawling ranch designed for the animals to thrive. The axis deer’s advantage over other species is that they can subsist on a wide array of vegetation. 303 Ranch Outfitters provides sufficient nutrition and water to ensure that you find an abundance and variety of games for a great hunting adventure.

The hunts take days, and a considerable amount of animals within the target range are guaranteed. You can expect to see up to 50 different axis deer each day during the peak times of the rutting season from June to August. And since our intense management program takes extra effort in producing trophy worthy axis deer, you’ll have an animal you can be proud to take home.

Who It’s For

Although the best months to go axis deer hunting is from May to September, you can definitely hunt any time of the year. The flexibility of the axis deer’s breeding cycle means no closed season or bag limits to hunting. For those who can’t wait for the open season for other deer species, this is the hunt for you.

Axis deer are some of the most beautiful species with their bright reddish hides and white spotted coats. Furthermore, the meat is touted as the best-tasting venison you’ll ever get your hands on. If these are hunting essentials for you, this hunt should be on top of your list.

These deer can be found on almost all types of terrain, although they prefer open-wide plains more. This can be a high starting point for greenhorns who are just learning to hunt. The axis deer is exceptionally agile and can run with speed of up to 40 miles an hour, a challenge that any experienced hunter can appreciate.

What to Pack

When going on an axis deer hunt in Texas, it’s highly recommended to wear light and comfortable clothing during the warm summer months. A long-sleeved shirt, a pair of sturdy jeans, and durable boots are enough. Snake boots are preferable to avoid thorns or cactus grazing your legs.

Axis deer hunting is available at any time of the year, so it’s always a good idea to dress accordingly. If unsure what types of clothes to bring, please contact us so we can make suggestions depending on the weather at the ranch.

Hunting Fields

The majority of axis deer hunting happens in the Hill Country area in Texas. Even though you can find hunting regions anywhere in the 45 counties in the state, giving an advantage when axis deer are drawn in from other ranches by the fertile lands in ours.

What’s Included

  1. Big Texan meals and snacks
  2. Three days and two nights lodging
  3. Expert hunting guide
  4. All-inclusive hunt
  5. Bass fishing
  6. Cold storage
  7. Access to all our species
  8. Taxidermy


What’s Not Included

  1. Texas Hunting License
  2. Gratuities
  3. Transportation to the ranch
  4. Drinks


Available Services

  1. Accommodations for non-hunting guests
  2. Airport transfers
  3. Trophy skinning and quartering
  4. Caping and freezing of your trophy

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