Catalina Goat Hunting Texas

The Catalina Goat is one of the most frequently hunted exotic game species because of its extremely wide horns. The name Catalina Goat stems from domestic goats named after the feral goats that were found on Santa Catalina Island near Los Angeles, California.

The Catalina goat is a descendant of a handful brought to Santa Catalina Island by Spanish missionaries in the 1800s. They brought domesticated goats that, over time, mated with feral goats bringing us the wide variety we have today.

This goat is usually black, brown, reddish-brown, or white, but other colors are not uncommon. The outer hair is typically course, and both males and females may have a beard.
Males can weigh anywhere from130 to 275 lbs. while females can weigh an average of 80 lbs. Both males and females can stand from 4 to more than 5 ft. tall at the shoulder.

The males have large horns that grow up and back from the head in large twists. The horn spread can be 30 to 40 inches, and horn length averages 20-30 inches. The record Catalina goat has horns in excess of 53 inches. Females are typically hornless but may have short curved cones of 4 to 6 inches.

The Catalina goat subsists mainly on grass and leaves. They are usually found on ranches that are rough and overgrazed. There was even a time that quite a number of these goats were killed because they were devastating the natural ecosystem of the Catalina Island. They do not need plenty of water to survive and can live in very dry and hot places.

These goats are extremely competitive, especially during the breeding season. If a female goat is in heat, she will wag her tail as her signal to the males. Mating season is year-round for Catalina goats.

They are not the fastest of species, but they are quite challenging to hunt. They are frightened easily and are capable of climbing away in seconds. A Catalina goat hunt often involves pursuing on foot and climbing the mountains they use for escape.

Like most goat meats, the taste and texture will differ from that of venison. It can be quite delicious if cooked properly.
For the best in Catalina Goat hunting in Texas, 303 Ranch Outfitters is your best bet! You can choose from a variety of hunting techniques such as safari hunting, blinds, or spot and stalk, but, as was mentioned before, going after them on foot is a sure-fire way to success.

We offer you several methods of hunting, including bow hunts, pistol hunts, rifle hunts, and black powder hunts. But when mapping out your trophy hunting plan, it is crucial to keep in mind that, due to the size of the Catalina goat’s horns, a larger weapon may be just what you need.

With their long, stately horns, the Catalina goat makes for excellent trophies that will impress even the most seasoned hunters and add a regal flair to any room.

Plan your Catalina goat hunting in Texas with us at 303 Ranch Outfitters, and we promise to to make your dream hunt a reality!

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