“If you want a place to get away and enjoy the peace and quiet, take a ride on the many trails, see the many exotic animals, and fish the many fully stocked ponds this is the place to come.”

– Joe J.

Exotic Deer Hunting in Texas

303 Ranch Outfitters has been providing rifle, pistol, crossbow, black powder and bow-hunting adventures for over a decade. We offer 15+ species of record book class native and exotic game. Our ranch offers heavily wooded areas, as well as open vistas that provide good grazing for the game. Our intense management program ensures that there is plenty of nutrition and water for the game. 

Hunting is conducted in a fair chase manner by spot and stalk, safari-style or in permanent stands. Our intense management program ensures that there is plenty of nutrition and water for the game. Only mature animals are hunted, giving the younger trophies time to produce record class headgear that any hunter would be proud to display in a trophy room. All hunts are fully guided. Our No Kill, No Pay policy ensures that the hunter only pays for the game he/she successfully hunts. If there is no game taken, only the lodging charges will apply. However, our success rates run very high. See our competitive prices below!

Exotic Deer Hunting Gallery

Price List

Axis-<32” $2,750 >32” $3,750
Aoudad-<28” $2,500 >28” $3,250
Blackbuck-<I8” $2,250 >I8” $2,500
Fallow – $3,750 – $4,750
Nilgia – $3,750
Oryx – $3,750

Red Stag – $5,000-$13,000
Sika – $2,250
Texas Dahl – $800-$2,500
Black Hawaiian – $800-$2,500
Coriscon – $800-$2,500
Painted Desert – $800-$2,500

Four Horn – $800 – $2,500              Mouflon – $800 – $2,500
Nubian Ibex- $300/inch
Hybrid Ibex – $I50/inch
Catalina – $I,250-$1,500

*Prices subject to change.

Complimentary with All of Our Hunts

  • 100% opportunity
  • All-inclusive hunt (no hidden fees)
  • Access to all of our species
  • Lodging – 3 days and 2 nights
  • Big Texan Meals, snacks, etc.
  • Bass fishing
  • Personal 1 on 1 guide
  • Field dressing
  • Cold storage
  • First class processing available
  • Caping for Taxidermy $50 Per Head Large Animals and $25 Small Animals
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