Mouflon Sheep Hunts Texas

Mouflon sheep hunts in Texas are the prime example of a perfect hunting challenge. The mouflon is the most common sheep in all of Europe and is the closest relative to the ancestor of all sheep subspecies. They were initially from Corsica, Sardina, and Cyprus but are now ironically endangered there. Fortunately, they are thriving in several European countries, and of course, here in Texas.

They have reddish to dark brown, short-haired coats with dark back stripes and black ventral areas and light-colored saddle patches. Their noses are black and fawn-colored with light gray to white coloring.

Mature rams have curved horns that point forward with tips that turn outward, not flared out like most rams. They have shoulder heights of about 3 feet and body weights of about 110 lbs. in males and 75 lbs in females.

They are majestic and colorful animals that are intelligent, extremely agile, and fast on their feet. They can climb quickly over rocks and through thick brush. You will surely match wits with these animals during the hunt.

The mouflon is active throughout the whole day, but you will experience increased activity around sunrise and sunset. They have a very elaborate hierarchy, and before each rut in the late fall, all rams will have fought and found their place in this advanced system. They are not allowed to breed until they have established their position. The sheep are pregnant for 5 months before giving birth to one or two lambs.

Patience and lots of it is what you will need when you go on a mouflon sheep hunt. You will have to stalk them very intensely as they are hard to spot right away. The best time to hunt mouflon sheep is from October through April, although they can be hunted all year round.

Your patience, however, will be rewarded when you spot those creamy-white to dark heart-shaped horns that are at least 25 inches long. Trophy size horns can range anywhere from 28 to 36 inches.

At 303 Ranch Outfitters, our mouflon sheep hunt packages come with 3 days and 2 nights lodging, meals and beverages throughout the hunt, a one-on-one expert guide, full trophy care which includes field dressing and quartering trophy for transportation, gun and bow range, and complimentary trophy fishing.

These beautiful creatures will be an impressive addition to your trophy room and a superb stockpile of memories that will last you a lifetime and more. Contact our office today to book your dream hunt.

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