Texas Black Hawaiian Sheep Hunting

Many controversies surround the origins of the black Hawaiian sheep. Some stories say that it is just a Barbados ram that has a gene diluted with the red color, while others believe it is a cross between a black hair sheep and a mouflon. Some claim they were introduced to Hawaii by Captain Vancouver in the 1700s.

Whatever story is true, you can always be sure of one thing: Black Hawaiian Sheep Hunting in Texas will be one wild ride! We guarantee you an exciting hunting trip loaded with adventure, a gorgeous trophy, and loads of delicious meat.

The Black Hawaiian sheep has 2 coats, an outer coat of velvety black hair, and a black woolly-looking undercoat that they shed in warm weather. The black coat has a tendency to look reddish in summer due to sun bleaching.

The rams’ beautifully curved horns can reach more than 40 inches and weigh more than the rest of the sheep’s bone weight combined. The horns are usually a milky brownish color. They grow up, back, down, forward, up, and out. Ewes typically have smaller horns.

Males are usually 21-31 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 60 and 150 lbs. Females are between 20-27 inches tall and weigh half of the males.

The breeding dominance of black Hawaiian rams is decided by physical combat. This fighting involves a series of head butts until a winner is determined. Peak mating time occurs during the months of August and September, with lambing season usually starting off in February.

Black Hawaiian sheep have a history of resilience. Because of their thick coats and agility, they are able to survive in extreme climates, including rocky hillsides or chilly winters. They also have a natural resistance to worms, and their slick hair coat works to ward off external parasites.

Their instinctual herding ability and agility make them an exciting and challenging hunt, and their wide horns make an exceptional prize. The one other reason they are highly sought after is their delicious meat. When marinated and slow-cooked, it loses the tough, gamey taste, and you are left with an exquisite tasting treat.

The best time to hunt Black Hawaiian sheep is from October through April, but they can be hunted all year round. There are no seasonal restrictions for hunting Black Hawaiian sheep in Texas.

They can be hunted using nearly any weapon of your choice, including rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, pistols or bows, and any hunting caliber will work great. A spot-and-stalk method is usually preferred as these animals are sometimes wary.
Our professional hunting guides, with their years of experience, will help you locate, stalk, and take down your trophy.

Get your chance to hunt a truly unique species of trophy animal. You can have a slice of the adventure when you hunt with us. We make your dream hunt a reality!

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