Texas Dall Hunting

Get that Dall sheep hunting experience in Texas you have been dreaming of! We offer you record class trophy animals with averages of 35 to 37 inches. The longest on record to be bagged was over 40 inches!

The Texas Dall sheep is a hybrid cross between Mouflon ewes and Rambouillet rams. The end result is a beautiful snow-white sheep that are bred solely for hunting purposes.

One of the most distinctive features of Texas Dall is that they are completely white with horns and hooves that are typically colorless. Their snow-white appearance makes them easy to spot, making them one of the most beautiful Corsican sheep breeds.

Another distinct feature of the Dall sheep is the males’ massive curled horns. Dall rams have horns that continue to grow throughout their lifetime and do not shed at all. They take up to 8 years to grow and are composed of keratin, the same material as our fingernails. The age of the sheep can be calculated from the number of growth rings on their horns.

Female Dall sheep, or ewes, also have horns, but theirs are shorter, more slender, and only slightly curved.

Rams can produce offspring at 18 months of age, but normally do not breed regularly until they approach dominance rank (at full curl age and size). Ewes typically have their first lamb at age 3 or 4 and produce a lamb annually. Lambs are born to ewes in late May or early June.

Dall sheep spend most of their lives on the jagged slopes of mountains. Their cloven hooves with rough pads help them cling to cliff edges and broken ledges, where they flock to elude predators. In spring and early summer, they often visit mineral licks to restore the nutrients they lost during the long winter.

During summer, when food is abundant, Dall sheep indulge in a wide variety of plants. Winter diet is much more limited and consists primarily of dry, frozen grass, and sedge stems available when snow is blown off the winter ranges.

At 303 Ranch Outfitters, the average age of our ram is between 10 and 11 years every season. Rams start dying off at the age of 10, so our areas are not only hunted at sustainable rates but hunts don’t have any influence on the populations themselves.

July 15th is the start of the Dall sheep hunting season, allowing you to spot and stalk for white rams under the warmth and light of the midnight sun. Eight full hunting days will give you plenty of time to pursue your ram.

As we move further into August, when the weather cools off considerably, caribou migration starts. Nine full days of hunting during this period may give you an additional mountain goat, mountain caribou, wolf, wolverine, or even a black bear.

Dall sheep hunting is done backpacker style. You will be brought to a prime hunting location where you and your personal, professional guide will establish a spike camp of small, portable backpacker tents where sheep will be within walking distance.

You should be prepared, however, to hike, walk uphill, climb, glass, spot, stalk, walk over rock, hillsides, up and down mountains. You should also be ready to carry your gear for the day of hunting (rifle, ammo, binoculars, rain gear, food, water bottle).

We offer you 100% opportunity, and we will do all that we can in the name of a fair chase, giving you the chance to harvest an impressive trophy.

At 303 Ranch Outfitters, we make your dream hunt a reality! Call us to schedule your hunt.

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