Texas Red Stag Hunting

Experience red stag deer hunting at 303 Ranch Outfitters! We offer you the excitement of hunting an animal once tagged as the exclusive hunting prize of European kings.

The red stag deer is native to North America, Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. Its coat is reddish-brown, darkening to grayish-brown in winter, with lighter underparts and a light rump. Standing about 4 feet tall at the shoulder and weighing anywhere between 400 and 600 lbs. Females stand somewhere between 3 and 4 feet tall and weigh between 120 and 280 lbs.

The red stag deer yields some of the finest trophy antlers to grace any hunter’s collection and is notable for the number of points it can produce. Like the antlers of whitetail and mule deer, moose, and elk, they shed and regrow each year. The antlers are thick, heavy and can produce numerous points if forage is sufficient, and stress levels are minimal. Red stags typically have 6 points but can have as many as 15 points, signifying dominance. Occasionally a stag will have no tines, and it is then known as a ‘switch.’

It is also considered the best-tasting venison in the world. It is rich-tasting, high in protein yet low in fat. Many of America’s finest restaurants serve red stag deer meat. With the deer weighing in at an average of between 400 and 650 lbs., you will have plenty of venison to feast over.

The red stag has keen eyesight, excellent hearing, and a sensitive nose. Unless you are paying close attention to the wind, keeping hidden and camouflaged, and moving with stealth, you will be hard-pressed to avoid detection. Some hunters even go so far as to remove their shoes during the final stalk, in order to avoid alarming deer by breaking a twig.

Come with us for our adventurous red stag deer hunts! Leave everyday worries behind!

Our red stag hunting packages are sure to entice you with our affordable rates and all the amenities that come with it.

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Red Stag Hunting Price – $6500 (Up to 340″)

Red Stag Hunting Price- $8500+ (340″ AND UP)

Our red stag hunting packages include:

  • 3 days and 2 nights lodging
  • Meals and beverages throughout the hunt
  • 1 on 1 guide
  • Full trophy care (field dressing, quartering trophy for transportation)
  • Trophy fishing
  • Gun and bow range

These provisions, however, are NOT Included with our red stag hunts:

  • Gratuity to your guide(s) and staff
  • Airport Transportation – $200 Round Trip
  • Texas Hunting License
  • Custom Processing
  • Caping for Taxidermy $50 Per Head Large Animals and $25 Small Animals

Book now for your preferred dates, as prime spots will go fast!

2020 Red Stag Hunting Dates

  • September 5-6
  • September 9-11
  • September 12-14
  • September 16-18
  • September 19-21
  • September 23-25
  • September 26-28
  • September 30 – October 2

Come to 303 Ranch Outfitters for a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime Texas Red Stag Hunting adventure! We make your dream hunt a reality!

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